A propos de Les Toiles Blanches

Les Toiles Blanches is a timeless textile universe imagined by Marie Pierre Guiard. This former fashion editor draws inspiration and fabrics from antique French linen to create her fashion and decorative pieces.

Les Toiles Blanches linges anciens vintage

Marie-pierre's work is part of a sustainable and eco-responsible approach, far from impulsive consumption, by partially transforming by hand what already exists. Linen, hemp and textiles sometimes woven more than a hundred years ago. A work on simple and universal forms that promotes the circular economy, an economy of means and highlights the nobility of old textiles.

Doudou lapin en lin et linge ancien vintage

The Les Toiles Blanches textile creations accompany the whole family and are then kept as one kept a trousseau to pass it from mother to daughter. Linen cuddly toys are sleek and tactile, allowing toddlers to develop a solid base of attachment that helps them build themselves and grow well. Dress-up dolls are decorative, sensitive and evolving objects. The accessories are simple and raw, all different. The women's clothing collection is inspired by workwear from the turn of the last century. Each piece tells a story and has that extra bit of soul that makes Les Toiles Blanches creations unique.