Déguisements originaux


Our cat masks and wreaths are perfect little gifts that allow children to transform the present moment into a pure moment of magic. Easy to handle, soft to wear, our delicately padded costume accessories are handmade toys in old textiles. Perfect little accessories to invent a world, change your appearance and escape very far, very quickly.

Disguise, a perfect tool to develop your personality

Dressing up has always played a big part in children's learning and in the development of their personalities. Slipping into the shoes of a character allows children to invent another life. Letting a child dress up from an early age allows him to give free rein to his imagination.

Disguises that leave room for the imagination

The disguise does not have to be sophisticated, on the contrary. For the magic to work, a few accessories are often enough. Thanks to them, the child, even very young, will greatly develop his imagination and role plays. With a simple crown, it is a world of princes, battles, conquests and princesses open to him.

Simple and easy-to-handle accessories

Soft, fabric and padded accessories like our wreaths and linen masks allow children a multitude of games and stories that will keep them growing up and safe. Our costumes are sewn with convenient Velcro straps that you can attach and detach yourself. Trust your children's creative ability, with simple linen accessories they will amaze you!