Poupées de chiffon

Linen dolls

Our rag dolls are sewn and embroidered by hand in old textiles. These are unique pieces that are soft and easy to handle, created to arouse tenderness and decorate the room of the little ones. Doll clothes are available regularly and allow children and parents to personalize the doll to their liking. Our linen dolls accompany the child for a long time and travel well protected in their pretty jute pouch.

Rag dolls, the perfect toy

The rag doll is the perfect toy from the age of 4 to help children develop. We find fabric dolls at all times and in all civilizations. A fabric doll helps to stimulate the child's fine motor skills and increase their social and emotional skills. Soft and soft, it arouses tenderness and affection, and this in complete safety, indeed with a rag doll, no risk of injury. 

French and artisanal rag dolls

To make our rag dolls, initially, there are sheets. A multitude of old linen sheets among which are the good pieces to cut and dye. Mostly old linen sheets that are little used, a mixture of linen and cotton which makes this fabric extremely strong and soft with a slightly irregular weave and which, once dyed, will make the skin of our rag dolls.

Rag dolls made entirely by hand

Dyed with tea, then cut, the pieces of linen are then embroidered and mounted. Bertille's twine hair is braided and then applied one by one by hand. It is all these manual steps that give our rag dolls their authenticity and uniqueness. No Bertille, Igor or Lili doll is really alike because each piece is unique.

It takes more than a day to make a Bertille linen doll

The large Bertille rag doll requires a slow and painstaking manufacturing process, difficult to account if you take into account the search for material. However, once the sheet is found and cleaned, from the dye to the seam of the body and the clothes that dress it, it takes more than ten hours of work to create the large Bertille linen doll.

What else are these rag dolls made of?

In addition to her old linen body, we use many old textiles to dress our rag dolls. Her blouses are sewn in old men's handkerchiefs sometimes embroidered or monogrammed, vintage cottons, her jeans and dresses are made in pieces of hand-dyed hemp, her berets and coats created in vintage wool from fine of stocks of fashion houses.