Doudous en lin

Linen soft toys

Our linen soft toys are designed to cuddle and arouse the attachment of the little ones. A natural and original idea on a birth list. Our soft toys and dolls are birth gifts that can be kept and passed on. Decorative object in the babies bedroom, hand-sewn soft toys, unique pieces made from old linen sheets, Les Toiles Blanches linen toys are treasures that come packaged in a jute pouch - great to take them everywhere with you! The fabrics in which they are made are sturdy so the toys can be easily machine washed. The shapes of our linen soft toys are simple and pure so that the child can project and build himself in complete safety. Discover our linen handmade bunnies, rag dolls, cat pillows, pairs of ghosts, embroidered hearts, teddy bears or even the Eiffel Tower, timeless artisanal pieces.

The advantages of a cuddly toy

The soft cuddly toy is your child's companion, the object he will invest in the first months of his life to support his mother's absence. We are talking about a transitional object because the soft toy is the link between his intimate world and the outside world. The soft toy reassures the child who is dropped off at the nursery, with the nanny or the maternal assistant in the morning. In the evening, the soft toy makes the link with the babysitter, it helps the child to fall asleep or to go back to sleep.

The choice of a natural soft toy

There is an infinite number of soft toys, animals, stuffed animals, music boxes of all kinds. If the child is going to choose his cuddly toy, it is necessary to present him with a few that tick the right boxes. The first imperative is safety. A soft toy must be able to be sucked and chewed all day long. Soft toys in fabrics, simple and made of natural materials are therefore to be preferred, such as linen or organic cotton.

An old linen cuddly toy, soft and tactile

If linen is the noblest material there is, old linen, woven without chemicals at the start of the 20th century, is even more so. Natural, robust, soft and tactile, vintage linen has undeniable qualities for a blanket that you want to keep for a long time. The beautiful irregularities of its weaving captivate the eye and provide unparalleled tactile sensations. Finally, old linen comforters can be washed and re-washed and dried very quickly.

The linen soft toy, a cuddly toy that stays and is passed on

Your child will appreciate keeping his blanket, even if he no longer needs it, having it with him will comfort him. Give it pride of place on a shelf, so the child will have it in front of them. You can then wrap it in a nice pouch and save it for later when it grows up. He will no doubt be moved and delighted to find it again!